Brut Nature

Late September

10,000 bottles/year

RBL’s bubbles are originated by the primary fermentation of the must, differing substantially from conventional sparkling processes – Champenoise and Charmat, both made by inducing a secondary fermentation of a wine by the addition of sugar and yeasts. Our starting point is therefore a must, not a finished wine. The bubbles are made by retaining in the fermenting must the CO2 produced in the final stages of its fermentation. So there is no secondary fermentation – there is no need for it – and therefore no addition of sugar nor yeasts. In other words, we press our Ribolla grapes and rack the resulting must in an open vat where it ferments, releasing the CO2 into the air. Towards the end of the fermentation, when the residual sugar is around 25 grams per liter – just what it takes to produce the bubbles at a pressure of 6/7 bars – the vat is closed so that the bubbles released by the fermentation of the remaining sugar are retained in the wine. The wine is then left in the same vat to mature on its lees and subsequently bottled under pressure. In this way the grape variety retains its aroma and salinity in a primary frame.


Residual natural sugars
1,6 gr/lt (Brut Nature